Special Assembly on Christmas Day: Classes III-XII

“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful”.
The festive spirit filled the air at Dharav High School as students from classes 3 to 12 came together for a memorable Christmas celebration. The school organized a special assembly that encompassed various activities, including Christmas carols, informative sessions, story enactments, and mesmerizing dance performances. Apart from the special assembly, students were engaged in various other festive activities. A Secret Santa gift exchange added an element of excitement and camaraderie among the students. The joy of giving and receiving gifts brought the school community closer together.
The combination of informative sessions, artistic expressions, and engaging activities ensured that the festive spirit was thoroughly embraced by all. Such events contribute not only to the cultural richness of the school but also create lasting memories for the students to cherish.
Ma'am Principal, Seema Sehajpal addressed the gathering and told to be happy, cheerful and to be kind to all.