Rocksport adventure camp: Classes VI-VIII

“Adventure is the key to knowing the world and ourselves.”
On the beautiful winter morning of 18th November, 2023, around 200 cheerful, excited and curious VI to VIII dharavities set out for the Rocksport adventure camp. They were accompanied by principal ma’am Seema Sehajpal, teachers and other school staff.
The students and teachers were welcomed by the enthusiastic team members of Rocksport who believe in dream,explore and discover .The students were divided into different groups and taken to the allotted areas. They were offered welcome drinks and eventually taken to various activity areas like rock climbing, camel ride, ropeways, zipline etc.
The instructors were a group of trained professionals who ensured the safety of the students.They also provided students information and importance of learning various adventure stunts. The camp challenged students physically and mentally, providing them first-hand experience in everything. The students participated in ziplining activity and learnt about the principles of physics, while participating in rock climbing activity helped them learn about the importance of teamwork and communication. The camp offered a platform for students to create their own masterpieces while pottering, walk through kitchen gardens, sketch beautiful landscapes and enjoy a DJ session.
The students were served sumptuous food which they relished after the array of activities.
Overall, the camp provided a valuable learning experience to students. A quick escape from the mundane school schedule, the trip took learning beyond four walls of the classrooms in lively fun filled environment. The students returned to school looking forward for more such visits.