The Children's Day celebration: Pre Nursery to II

The Children's Day celebration at Dharav High School, Jaipur, was a joyous event for the children. It kicked off with a vibrant Creative Hat Party, where students adorned hats showcasing their artistic flair. The day included a delightful cake-cutting ceremony in the classroom, adding a sweet touch to the festivities.

As observed from the principal's perspective, witnessing the students' creativity and camaraderie during the Creative Hat Party was truly heartwarming. The celebration extended beyond the school premises as the children, accompanied by their friends, ventured to Appu Ghar for an unforgettable day. At the amusement park, they reveled in a plethora of rides, relished sumptuous food, and were mesmerized by a captivating magic show and a thrilling 7D cinema experience. It was a day etched in their memories, fostering bonds and creating cherished moments for both students and educators alike.