Career counseling session for classes IX to XII

A two-day career counseling session was held on October 25 and 26, 2023, for the students of classes IX to XII. The session was conducted by Ms. Meenu Arora, the Associate Director of KREA University, who is a counseling psychologist and a life skills trainer. Ms. Meenu guided the students on the significance of liberal education, emphasizing that skill development is more important than merely obtaining degrees, in line with the principles outlined in the National Education Policy (NEP). Under the new guidelines, students have the freedom to choose their academic paths based on their interests and skills, departing from the traditional methods of learning.

Ms. Meenu also informed the students that KREA University offers various multidisciplinary combinations and permutations at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, with the primary focus being the development of students' skills. She emphasized the importance of students having a clear understanding of liberal arts before they make decisions regarding their career paths.
The session was highly informative and provided valuable knowledge to the students.
Ms. Seema Sehajpal, the school Principal, has consistently encouraged students to think differently, foster innovation, and develop the skills needed to excel in our competitive world. She expressed her gratitude to Ms. Meenu Arora for enlightening students about the latest developments in the field of education.