Cleanliness Campaign -III to V

The students of classes III – V of Dharav High School embarked on a mission to transform their surroundings. The catalyst for this change was a cleanliness campaign that would not only beautify their school and surroundings but also instill values of responsibility and environmental consciousness.
With banners , masks, gloves, and a shared vision, these young environmentalists started their journey. The first step involved clearing the school's surroundings of litter and debris. They diligently swept pathways, picked up trash, and ensured that every corner was spotless.
As word of their campaign spread, the community joined hands with these dedicated students. Parents, local residents and even other children started contributing to the cause by providing resources and participating in clean-up drive. The impact of this cleanliness campaign extended beyond the school gates. It inspired a collective sense of responsibility, reinforcing the idea that change begins at home and within our immediate surroundings. The once neglected area outside the garden became a clean, green, and vibrant space where both students and the community could cherish moments of serenity.
In the end, what started as a small initiative by students in a school and outside the garden grew into a transformative movement, reminding us all that the power of unity and determination can bring about lasting change. These students not only cleaned their surroundings but also enriched their community with values that will resonate for generations to come.