“Curious Minds” / “Explore the Senses”: Pre Nur - II

Curiosity is the driving force of learning and discovery, but nothing is possible until it is achieved. To nurture the curious minds of our young learners, an activity called “Curious Minds” / “Explore the Senses” was conducted for classes Pre-Nur to II from 18.09.23 to 21.09.23. In this activity, students of classes I & II witnessed simple science experiments that suited their age level. They observed and experienced the experiments with great enthusiasm and eagerness. Meanwhile, the students of classes Pre-Nur to Prep explored their senses with the guidance of their teachers. The activity was a fun and educational experience for the kids, as their interest showed their desire to learn more. Principal, Ms Seema Sehajpal appreciated the teachers and students for conducting the activity in a beautiful way.