Session on Organ Donation by MFJCF

Dharav High School, under the aegis of MFJCF, conducted a session for the academic staff of the school on the organ donation drive that the organization has taken up in Rajasthan.
Introducing the members of the organization, Ms. Manju Sharma urged the teachers to be involved with the donation drive in order to dispel common misconceptions about organ donation. Ms. Taru Saxena, Director of MFJCF, addressed the group and elaborated on the activities of the organization in the state.
The chief speaker of the session, Mr. P C Jain, appealed to all to become organ donors and raise awareness about it. He stated that the teachers, being the nation-builders, are the right representatives for this noble cause.
Mr. Jain also discussed MOHAN (Multi Organ Harvesting Aid Network), a national NGO that simplifies the process of organ donation, thereby benefitting numerous individuals in need of organ transplants. Mr. Jain, through effective interaction, shed light on the general misconceptions that society holds against organ donation. His efforts were successful in motivating the staff to accept donor cards and pledge their support for organ donation.