“Fun with Science” Activity : Grade III

“Science is magic that works”. – Kurt Vonnegut

Embracing the spirit of this quote, the grade 3 students of Dharav High School embarked on a captivating exploration of scientific wonders through the “Fun with Science” Activity organised at their classrooms by the Science Department. Their eager faces lit up as they delved into a series of simple yet fascinating science experiments like Air has weight, Magic of Capillary Action, Water Xylophone.
The Fun with Science activity provided grade 3 students with an opportunity to grasp scientific concepts in an enjoyable and hands-on manner. These experiments captivated young minds, stimulating their interest in the world around them while instilling a basic understanding of scientific principles. By fostering curiosity and critical thinking, this activity laid the foundation for a lifelong appreciation and engagement with the field of Science.
Madam Principal Ms. Seema Sehajpal appreciated the students for their impressive execution of the experiments and emphasized the importance of experiential learning.