'Spotlight' Virtual college fair attended by Dharav Students

The students of Dharav High School attended the 'Spotlight' virtual college fair organised by DPS Gurugram on 5 August 2023. The fair had participation from over 60 universities located  in different regions. Top universities like Imperial College London and Bocconi University, Italy were also part of the fair. The students got an opportunity to interact with the university representatives ,  asking questions about programmes, applications and other processes. The fair allowed students to explore the process of college admissions and facilitated them to think more realistically about their fields of interest. Specifically, the double major courses offered by Boston University, over 4000+ subject combinations offered by University of Toronto and the management programme of NMIMS interested young Dharavites. The courses in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Blockchain Management and Business Economics helped Dharav Students expand their horizons into new areas of study and research. Their flair in thinking about their career in an optimistic, futuristic and flexible manner was commendable. While the class 12th students got insights into application formation and score requirements, class 11th students were eager to understand the AP courses they could opt for in different universities. The seamless organisation of the fair was a testimony to the tireless efforts of the school Director, Ms. Aditi Misra whose mission is the academic and personal development of the students. The fair undoubtedly stood as an important milestone in her efforts to help students reach the best of universities and produce future-ready citizens.