Workshop for Teachers on School Health and Wellness

A workshop on health and wellness was conducted at Dharav High School for teachers, which proved to be a valuable platform for teachers to enhance their knowledge and skills in promoting a healthy and supportive school environment. The workshop’s interactive format, expert insights, and the best practice sharing sessions contributed to its success. It is expected that the acquired knowledge and strategies will positively impact the overall well-being and academic performance of the students at Dharav High School.
The workshop was full of energy, enthusiasm, and innovative skills, which was involved through some physical exercises and brainstorming. The session covered a wide range of themes, like growing up healthy, to emotional well-being, mental health nutrition, health and sanitation, and cyber security, and safety and security against violence and injuries.
It was an absolutely amazing, enlightening, and enriching workshop. The workshop made a difference to our thoughts and emotions by the different activities that we undertook.