Field trip to Hotel Clarks Amer Zolo Crust, a live kitchen : Class XI

Experiential learning being the crux of education, students of class XI Commerce were taken on a field trip to Hotel Clarks Amer Zolo Crust, a live kitchen, on 22 July,2023.

The visit aimed to enhance the learning practices through practical exposure and give insight into the operations of the restaurant. The students were briefed about the acquisition of the name Zolo Crust, the difference from other local brands, their USP, the trials and tribulations faced during the journey to success, the source of motivation, importance of ‘vipassana’ in life and quality management that contribute to its success in the food industry.

The session was really very informative and a true learning experience for all.

The Principal, Ms. Seema Sehajpal as a responsible steward accelerates the all round development of the students by providing them with such opportunities.