Awareness Session on Good Touch and Bad Touch : III - V

On July 20, 2023, an important awareness session was held for students in grades III, IV, and V, focusing on the topic of "Good Touch and Bad Touch." The purpose of this session was to educate students about appropriate touch and empower them to recognize and respond to unsafe situations. The session commenced with an engaging video presentation that showcased various touch scenarios, providing valuable guidance on appropriate responses. By using visual examples, the video helped students understand the difference between acceptable and unacceptable forms of touch. A significant aspect of the session was the emphasis on identifying trusted adults and fostering open communication with parents, guardians and teachers. The session was conducted with sensitivity and age-appropriate guidance in mind. The school Principal, Ms. Seema Sehajpal, demonstrated her commitment to maintaining a safe learning environment by organizing this awareness session. By actively addressing the issue of "Good Touch and Bad Touch," the school displayed its dedication to the well-being and protection of its students.