Workshop on POCSO for the Support Staff

‘Awareness Leads to Prevention in Most Matters’

For the housekeeping staff, maids, drivers, conductors, security staff, and helpers of Dharav High School, Jaipur, an awareness workshop on POCSO was conducted on Saturday, July 8, 2023, by Ms. Manju Sharma, Ms. Rachna Grover, and the school counselor, Ms. Aishwarya Pandiya.
The important provisions of the POCSO Act, including the constitution and functions of the Internal Committees at the school to redress issues related to sexual harassment, were explained.
Explaining the provisions of POCSO and the Juvenile Justice Act, Ms. Sharma emphasised the role of the supporting staff in creating a safe environment for the students. She expressed satisfaction at the sense of safety the children experience at Dharav High School because of the coordinated efforts of all. She implored all to continue with the good work and always keep the strictness of the act in mind under all circumstances.
Ms. Rachna Grover emphasised that the challenges of gender inequality, eve-teasing, and sexual abuse in school environment call for increased awareness and creating synergy among parents, teachers, support staff, and school. The School counselor, Ms Aishwarya Pandiya, gave an insight on how to identify students who suffer abuse and how to help them overcome the mental trauma.