MUN Workshop by Ms. Rizpah Cardoza from Skill Sphere Education: VIII - XII

Discover new horizons, new perspectives and empower yourself to transform the world.
Dharav High School organized a three-day MUN workshop from July 3 to July 5, 2023, for students of grades VIII to XII. Facilitated by Ms. Rizpah Cardoza from Skill Sphere Education, the workshop focused on experiential learning in public speaking, skill development, and problem-solving. Students gained practical insights into diplomacy, global issues, opinion development, and conflict resolution.
The workshop employed a structured format to emphasize effective communication and collaboration. Engaging activities and MUN simulations fostered teamwork, tapping into the research potential of the participants.
Students actively participated in debates and problem-solving sessions addressing pressing global issues.Ms. Seema Sehajpal, the school Principal, praised the participants for demonstrating soft skills and encouraged them to further hone their abilities as proficient speakers and diplomatic negotiators.