‘Indiation’ by Skillsphere Education : Classes VI-VII

Dharav High School is committed to providing quality learning opportunities that prepare students with the knowledge and skills they need to progress. In sync with this mission, a three-day programme, ‘Indiation’ was organized by Skillsphere Education for the young Dharavites of classes VI and VII from May 23rd to 25th, 2023. Led by Ms. Suzana Penugula, the workshop aimed to deepen students' understanding of India by exploring both its positive and negative aspects, as well as their roles as Indians.

The workshop included interactive activities showcasing India's cultural heritage, quizzes, group discussions, poster presentations, advertisement development, and debates. Students participated enthusiastically, taking the lead in discussions. The workshop had a positive impact on their confidence, public speaking skills, and vocabulary.

The event concluded with a mini utopian parliament activity where students demonstrated their newly acquired knowledge and skills. The Principal, Ms. Seema Sehajpal acknowledged the efforts of the organizing team and commended the students for their keen interest and involvement in the activities, which enriched their knowledge about their nation.