Achievement by School Student Aditya Singh (XII) by designing a low-cost Neo Cool Brain Cooling Machine

A seed neither fears light nor darkness but uses both to grow. Sometimes, a good seed comes out with unexpected but wonderful fruit.
Aditya Singh, a Dharav High School student of Class XII, came out with such a wonderful achievement that has made everyone beam with pride.
The school takes immense pride in Aditya Singh, who has designed a low-cost Neo Cool Brain Cooling Machine that would benefit the newborn babies, saving them from perinatal asphyxia.
The machine developed by Aditya Singh would cost only Rs 50,000 against the imported similar machines that cost Rs 14 lakh per unit. Aditya has been mentored by Dr Yogesh Yadav and biomedical engineer Ganesh Kumar Prajapati.
Dharav High School Principal, Ms. Seema Sehajpal, and the staff wish him success and bless him for many more such contributions for the service of the society.