Talent Hunt: Inter-Class Dance and Music Competition: Classes VI-IX

“Talent is common; Dedication makes it special.”

Talent Hunt, a musical extravaganza, an Inter-Class Dance and Music Competition was organized at Dharav High School on Saturday, 13 May, 2023 to bring forth the dedication and perseverance of the students.

Initially, over a two-week inter-class activity, students were given the opportunity to demonstrate their dance and singing abilities. The chosen finalists from each class presented dazzling performances on the Talent Hunt Show day at the amphitheatre.

The Principal, Ms. Seema Sehajpal’s unwavering belief in the abilities of the students, was instrumental in giving shape to the vision and honing the skills of students through this event. The fun-filled extravaganza featured solo western dance and vocal music presentations, wherein the participants enthralled the audience with their charismatic performances. Three alumni of the institution involved in musical pursuits, Kalpit Khandelwal, Devanshi Pareek and Divya Goswami adjudged the competition.

In the open session, a couple of students from the audience were inspired and took the stage to exhibit their talent. The grand cultural day finally wrapped up with the Principal praising all the students for their active participation in the competition and motivating them for unleashing their hidden self.

The prize winners of Western Music are:
1. Ragini Goswami
2. Arnav Jain
3. Saumya Jain

The prize winners of Western Dance are:
1. Laghvi Ajmani
2. Likhit Bhardwaj
3. Manya Garg