‘Knock Knock’ Workshop by Pencil Box: Classes IX - XII

A Creative Life is an Amplified Life
Believing in unleashing the latent creativity in every individual, a workshop ‘Knock Knock’, a comic activity with pun on words and ideas was conducted by Mr. Anurag, the founder of Pencil Box, for the students of grades IX to XII at Dharav High School, Jaipur. The Principal, Ms. Seema Sehajpal, who believes in providing the students with an ideal platform to embrace originality and make unique connections, encourages such sessions to bring out the best in the students.
The workshop aimed at creativity enhancement through mental exercises and mind mappings. Focusing on some creative thinkers like Madam Curie, Charles Darwin, Einstein, and Mozart, the resource person conveyed that creativity is a skill that can be developed and sharpened with consistent efforts. To get an insight into complex subjects, a graphical and colourful representation of subject content through mind mapping was stressed upon. The Knock-Knock activity encouraged students to think out of the box and come up with novel ways to express even mundane ideas. Overall, the session aimed at fostering creativity among students.