Plantation Drive on Earth Day

“We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”
Dharav High School celebrated the Earth Day by organizing a plethora of activities to sensitize the students on environmental conservation. To raise awareness on the need to live sustainably and protect Mother Nature, Dharavites participated in the plantation drive led by the school Principal, Ms. Seema Sehajpal.
Little hands planted saplings and pledged to take care of nature with all their heart. Smearing their hands with mud and water got them an invaluable experience and the feeling of planting their own sapling will be cherished by them for long. A special assembly held this week aimed to imbibe the feeling of responsibility in the hearts of our future citizens. The students took the resolution to live in harmony with Nature.
The Principal urged the students to reflect upon the present condition of earth and extend their hands in making our Earth a better planet.