Digital Exhibition of 'Phad Se Padh' at Sudarshan Art Gallery, Jaipur

In the age with unconventional modes of learning, a three day digital Exhibition of ‘Phad se Padh’, a pedagogy project supported by Rajasthan Tourism hosted by Rooftop in collaboration with MSMS II Museum Trust was displayed at Sudarshan Art Gallery, Jaipur.

DHARAV HIGH SCHOOL believes in experential learning and therefore nurtured this art guided by the Principal of the school, Ma’am Seema Sehajpal. The school showcased its 30X5 feet Phad on Life of Gautam Buddha.
The visitors had access to the Life of Buddha through the Phad by which they took a dive into India’s history and rich culture. The mentors answered the queries of the curious onlookers who were in awe of the art form. The digital display of Life of Gautam Buddha from birth to salvation was also showcased at the gallery for the visitors. By sacnning the QR code, the visitors had access to the performances at History festival too.
This unique project aimed at rousing the cultural curiosity of young minds received immense appreciation.