Interactive Session with Mr. Zeeshan Ali : VI -VIII

Interactive Session with Mr. Zeeshan Ali
10 April, 2023

‘Success isn’t given, its earned. On the track, on the field, in the gym. With blood, sweat and the occasional tear.’
Mr. Zeeshan Ali, a renowned tennis player, National Davis Cup Coach, a Davis Cup player and the Director of National Tennis Centre, Delhi, was present in an interactive session with the students of class VI -VIII on Monday, 10 April, 2023. The school amphitheatre was filled with energetic discussion on benefits of sports, specially tennis.
Mr Ali shared his inspiring journey of becoming a successful player and the obstacles he faced along the way. He shared his own experiences of training rigorously and facing setbacks, but never losing hope and continuing to work towards his dream of becoming a National Tennis player.
The students enthusiastically asked various questions, ranging from training routines and strategies to handle the pressure of competitions. Mr. Zeeshan patiently answered all the questions, providing valuable insights into the world of professional tennis and the life of a Tennis player.
During his interaction with the students, he gave tips on learning to balance sports and academics. He encouraged and motivated students to participate in the upcoming tournaments. He emphasized on the fact that involvement in sports activities on regular basis improve the academic performance.
The session ended with a vote of thanks by the Principal, Ms. Seema Sehajpal, expressing gratitude to Mr. Zeeshan for sparing his time and expertise with the students. The session turned out to be a memorable and enriching experience for the Dharavites.