Culmination Day : TORCHBEARERS OF DHARAV : Pre Nur- II

"You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore"
These words by Christopher Columbus strike a chord, as we at Dharav High School Jaipur firmly believe that success does not lie in results but in sincere efforts.
Celebrating the all round goals achieved by our young Dharavites this year, Culmination Day was organized for the students of classes Pre nur- 2.
Our budding speakers recited a beautiful poem giving a perfect start to the celebration.
Promoting the integrity of cultural unity, students gave an ode to our country's rich heritage by their beautiful rendition of Bengali dance. Electrifying the atmosphere the children enacted a play on the love and warmth felt by them towards their grandparents followed by a melodious song sung by our Rockstars, while our youngest lot tapped their toes to Action song.
Raising awareness on valuable social issues our theater artists performed Street play on the topic of Save Water, followed by an energizing dance performance by our young dancers.
Perfect end to the celebration took place when Principal Ma'am Seema Sehajpal handed citations to our leaders of tomorrow and enlightened the gathering with her thoughtful words.