Training Session on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics and 3D : Classes VIII-IX, XI

With an aim to create a spark of new age technology , a training session on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics and 3D Printing was conducted by ‘Manipal University, Jaipur’ and ‘AFTERSKOOL Innovations’ in Dharav High School on 21.01.2023. Innovative training sessions were taken on 3D Designing, brief description on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: its future scope and career possibilities. Students were introduced to Arduino coding in the practical session conducted by the efficient team of resource persons. Students were guided to design some innovative projects like ‘Smart Dustbin’ and 'Smart Car' also.
Robotics which is navigation, manipulation and implementation of more sophisticated intelligence was also the part of one of the absorbing training sessions. Students got the opportunity to operate some actual robots which was a unique experience for them.
Such informative workshops on future technology are very important to be conducted in the teaching learning institutions to expose students with the latest technology. The workshop enabled the students to build their speed, precision and technological efficacy which would be of great help in pursuing a career in these fields.