Explore the Senses- Pre Nur- Prep

Science is the process that takes us from confusion to understanding. – Brian Greene

It is said that life is an experiment, so the more experiments you make, the better!
Keeping this thought in mind, Dharav High School, Jaipur, organized a 3-day activity – Explore your Senses (for grades Pre-Nursery to Prep)from Wednesday, 21st September to 23rd September, 2022.

Under the supervision of the teachers, the little scientists conducted experiments that helped them explore their senses, learn about density, capillary action, solubility, reactions of vinegar and baking soda creating gas inflating the balloons, and many more that left them awestruck and at the same time made them learn the logic behind what seems like magic!

The activity triggered the curiosity, collaboration, creativity, communication and critical thinking in students and was a big success!