'Conserve Water'- Collage Making Activity : Class VII

ave water, Save life: Every drop counts!
Water is essential for life. While water covers two thirds of the earth's surface, scarcity of potable water is one of the most serious challenges in the present world. The need of the hour is to make all members of the society aware about the importance of conserving water.
With an aim to create awareness on water conservation among school children, Dharav High school organized a Collage making activity on the topic ‘Conserve Water’ for the students of Class VII. The students made colourful collages to depict different strategies to save water to enable others understand and appreciate this valuable resource. Indeed, the activity was successful in making students aware of how best to use water and become more efficient in their water use.
The school Principal, Ms. Seema Sehajpal, appreciated the artistic talent of the students and urged them to make judicious use of water to ensure the availability of safe drinking water in future.