Devyani Jaipuria Sports Academy (DJSA) - Powered by Da One Sports

Devyani Jaipuria Sports Academy (DJSA) - Powered by Da One Sports

Welcome to the Devyani Jaipuria Sports Academy (DJSA), powered by Da One Sports, at Dharav High School, Jaipur. We take pride in being recognized as one of the best sports academies in Jaipur, committed to transforming sports education for our students and crafting the sports champions of tomorrow.


Our association with Da One Sports, led by former Indian Cricket Captain Shikhar Dhawan, underpins our commitment to nurturing sporting talents and providing holistic development to each child. The specially curated program focuses on both physical and mental growth, teaching essential life skills along the way.


Our Sports

From cricket to zumba, badminton to table tennis, basketball to skating, chess to karate - our wide array of sports offerings cater to diverse interests. Each sport, under the mentorship of experienced and committed coaches, seeks to cultivate discipline, teamwork, and a spirit of healthy competition in students.


Our Coaches

Our team of highly qualified coaches is our pride. Not only do they possess expertise in their respective sports, but they also understand the art of mentorship. The low student-to-coach ratio ensures personalized attention to each student, tailoring teaching methods according to individual needs.


Our Infrastructure

Safety is paramount in our state-of-the-art sports infrastructure. Our accessibility-friendly venues ensure all students feel welcome, and the day and night practice facilities accommodate various schedules, making it easier for our students to stay committed to their chosen sports.


Match Exposure and Tours

Our students regularly participate in interschool and state-level competitions, providing them with the exposure and experience they need to excel. Tours are arranged for selected sports, providing an opportunity for our students to interact with and learn from players across different regions.



1. What is the DJSA program?

The Devyani Jaipuria Sports Academy (DJSA) is an integrated sports program in association with Da One Sports, owned by former Indian Cricket Captain, Shikhar Dhawan. The program aims to transform sports education, promoting holistic development.


2. How safe is the sports infrastructure?

Our sports infrastructure is built following safety guidelines and is accessibility-friendly, ensuring a safe and inclusive environment for all students.


3. What is the student-to-coach ratio?

We maintain a low student-to-coach ratio of 15:1 to ensure personalized attention to each student.


4. Will my child get exposure to matches and tournaments?

Yes, students get regular opportunities to participate in interschool and state-level competitions, and tours are arranged for selected sports. This exposure helps them gain practical experience and enhances their learning.


5. How does the DJSA program accommodate students with different schedules?

We have day and night practice facilities to accommodate students with different schedules, ensuring that every child gets the opportunity to be part of the sports program.



At DJSA, we believe in building a community that loves sports, learns through sports, and grows with sports. Come, be a part of this incredible journey!