Motto, Vision and Mission

Motto, Vision and Mission


"Gyanam Parmam Dhayeyam"


Dharav is an acronym of Dhara and Ravi, the Earth and the Sun. The Earth symbolises a solid foundation, growth, steadiness and reliability. The Sun symbolises power, optimism and energy. Put together, these are essential elements of a sound personality which is grounded, reliable, optimistic and confident.


The logo of Dharav has the horse symbolising freedom and success, the colour maroon which stands for confidence, creativity, strength and courage along with the colour blue which stands for reliability and sensitivity.


Our motto delves deep in inspiring each member of the institution to uphold the spirit behind empowering young minds in sync with the values that our logo depicts.



  • - Curiosity in Creativity
  • - Perseverance in Values
  • - Dynamism in Progress



To build on the curiosity of young learners in all academic and non academic pursuits with the backdrop of the core values of integrity, loyalty, empathy and humility. The focus of the school is on building the essential skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and compassion which are essential for progress in this dynamic world.



Dharav High School, Jaipur sets goals 

  • - to create an environment for learning that embraces technology, innovation, and diversity-an environment that encourages intellectual inquiry and curiosity as well as collaboration.
  • - to cultivate independent learning through exposure to diverse perspectives and opportunities. 
  • - to celebrate success, promote a 'can do' attitude and inspire each to achieve their best. 
  • - to provide a safe, supportive and well-ordered environment where students and staff are happy and confident as they aspire to achieve. 
  • - to teach personal accountability and social responsibility by providing opportunities to constantly engage in arts, sports, community service, leadership and more. 
  • - to inculcate values of gratitude, self-awareness and empathy, creating socially responsible global citizens who respect others and their environment. 



  • - Student-Teacher ratio: 10:1 in Pre-Primary Level, 24:1 in Primary and 32:1 in Higher Level.
  • - Personal connect with the parents regarding performance and development of each student.
  • - Limited entry in classes Pre-Nursery to IX and XI, with 3 sections in each class from I to XII.
  • - Digitally monitored, cosy and safe campus with overseers presence everywhere.
  • - Well-ventilated, air-conditioned, comfortable classrooms with digital smartboards.
  • - Well-equipped laboratories.
  • - Infinite opportunities to individual students in Curricular and Co-Curricular activities.