Art & Music

Art & Music

Art Room

The Art Room of the school gives children the opportunity to shape their ideas and explore what is possible. The Art room is a perfect destination for children's creative work. It is equipped with generously sized tables and cupboards for storage and a sink.


The room is ideally situated to capture natural sunlight and the walls are decorated with displays of children’s work. With experienced teachers and relevant resources, the art room truly serves as a space to explore creativity at all levels. Paint, brush, colours and crafting add a softer and creative bent to students.


Music & Dance

In the Music and Dance Room students not only find pleasure but also transient satisfaction.


They are trained to sing both Indian and Western songs; to dance to the folk, classical and western rythms and to play instruments like synthesizer, guitar, drum and tabla. In playing instruments, students get a platform for expression, and offer myriad opportunities for musical articulation.