Shiksha Kendra

Shiksha Kendra

Shiksha Kendra

“We learn, we heal, we grow.

We imbibe from the fountain of values, that never ceases to flow.”

In the pursuit of returning to the society where we have prospered, Dharav High School leaves no stone unturned for we believe in creating an empathetic environment for our students. The school in tune with the vision of its founders, the Jaipurias, takes their dream forward in creating a better world for all, making the community outreach a reality.


Our Purpose

It was the vision of Ms. Dhara Jaipuria and Mr. Ravi Jaipuria to make quality education accessible to every child irrespective of his/her background. Their vision took shape of ‘Shiksha Kendra’- the embodiment of learning for the children coming from not-so-privileged strata of the society.

Shiksha Kendra caters to boys and girls and provides them the same space and environment to study, experiment, play and recreate. With emphasis on vocational training the children, these children are provided regular classroom learning under NIOS syllabus free of cost. The mid-day-meal programme helpd in adding health to these children.

Academics and co-curricular go hand in hand at Shiksha Kendra. Special training is  provided in activities like Art & Craft, Mehandi & Rangoli Designing, Dance & Music etc.

Enabling children to see, sense and touch life as it is, Shiksha Kendra aims to build the base of a future India right from the first step the child takes to school and carries on till he passes out of its corridors as a knowing, caring, responsible and extremely conscientious citizen of India.


What We Gain

Empowering the students of this economic group not only makes the institution proud but also strengthens the society as a whole. In view of the fact that peer teaching and learning enables both the teacher and the taught to grow exponentially.

The students of Dharav High School, Vidhyadhar Nagar Jaipur are encouraged to mentor and teach the students of Shiksha Kendra. The mentors thus learn to give and share, grow empathetic and confident.


How We Reach Out

The students of our Shiksha Kendra are essentially made part of all major functions of the school like Independance Day, Republic Day, Annual Day, Charity Fairs etc.


Session End Donation

At the end of the sessions, we collect donation in kinds like uniform, books and stationery for them.

From time to time, material for hygine also are collected and distributed. Thus we try to kindle generosity in the giver and appreciation in the receiver. 

The learning sessions are engaging and fruitful. Our unique teaching and learning process with a proper blend of theory and practice foster excellence.