Building creativity, instilling compassion and developing resilience in our future leaders is the mission with which Dharav High School steadfastly treads on the path of imparting quality education. The prowess of Dharav High School is its unflinching hexagonal values of Creativity, Collaboration, Compassion, Communication, Curiosity and Critical Thinking. The scholastic and non-scholastic activities of day-to-day teaching and learning are testimony to the way creativity, curiosity and critical thinking get subtly embedded in the character of each Dharavite.


The efficacious morning assemblies conducted on every important occasion like –Earth Day, Unity Day, Gandhi Jyanti, Eid, Hindi Diwas have been quite instrumental in inculcating communal harmony, awareness, critical thinking, compassion and curiosity in the students who enthusiastically utilize the platform to hone their skills.


The vivacious and vibrant Junior section incessantly throbs with experiential learning activities. Their energies got constructively channelized in the activities like Clay Play, Fun with Origami, Fun Races, Safety Rules Sessions, Teachers Day Celebration, Mother’s Day etc. Efforts are invested to enhance the contemplative and cognitive skills of the students.  Mathemagination, Spellathon, Shabdon Ka Sangrah, Master–Mind (Science Quiz) Bookalicious were many such activities conducted in the school which addressed the higher thinking order of the students and set them on the path of research work.


The school left no stone unturned to strengthen collaborative learning, sharing, teamwork laced with compassion and empathy. A Cleanliness Drive launched to clean the nearby park, Cards to Guards, Joy of Giving – a mission with the vision to help the destitute, vociferously proclaim our earnest commitment to inculcate human values and that makes us a school with a difference. Dutiful Scouts undertake rigorous training to combat any precarious situation, to be compassionate to birds and animals and to be always eager to serve people beyond self. 


Inquisitiveness and curiosity to explore new avenues is an inherent characteristic of the growing up of students. A trip to City Palace, a hub of the authentic culture and heritage of Rajasthan, prodded young minds and opened new vistas of imagination, thought process and logical viewpoint. Experiential learning, wisdom, maturity and practical knowledge procured in the process put them in better stead to handle activities like – Debate, Mock Parliament, Declamation and Roll Plays, which the school has conducted during this academic session.


The Cricket ground, Basketball court, Table- tennis table, Chess – boards are the areas of the school which fascinate the students the most. These are the places which teach students team spirit, sportsmanship, collaboration, dedication to the task, focus and concentration. No less important are our Music Room, Art Lab and Computer Lab. Creative faculties of students get satiated in the intense ambience of these places. The Storehouse of knowledge – Our Library provides a conducive environment to the avid readers. The school fosters an environment where creativity is recognized and rewarded. The students are encouraged to question, explore, imagine and interpret. Students are presented with opportunities to collaborate, learn and grow with each other. Conscious efforts are made to teach students how to control their impulses and emotions and be sensitive towards others.


We bind ourselves with the resolution to design, shape, train and churn out humane, skilled and industrious Samaritans.