Infrastructure Facilities

Infrastructure Facilities


An open air theatre, a mini Colosseum, situated at the centre of the building is designed to provide the aesthetic  ambiance to the  numerous co-curricular activities like dance, drama, singing, elocution and many other  school functions.


The tiered seating arrangement and the location of the stage complement to provide a perspective that does not obstruct the viewer or the performer in any way. 




Play Ground

The school truly propagates the idea of overall development of a child's personality. Academics and sports flourish simultaneously in Dharav High School, Jaipur. Excellent sports facilities are provided to the children to practise their skills that will ultimately play an important role in attaining adult competencies along with the freedom from the class-room boundary to augment their physical prowess. The children take up sports like cricket, football, volleyball, basketball, handball and karate as their activities. Indoor games like table tennis, chess and carrom board are also offered. Sports enthusiasts get an exposure to enhance their skills by actively participating in the Inter House, Inter School, State and National level sports.


Tuck Inn

Promoting nutritious food and creating a school culture of healthy eating is the Tuck Inn, the school's cafeteria. Along with a well maintained sanitized enviornment, students are served with fresh and palatable snacks and meals, prepared in the school kitchen, at a very reasonable price. The Tuck Inn staff is always there to make students feel at home with their warm smiles and delicious eats. 



The school infirmary is well equipped with all basic medical facilities. A qualified doctor and a trained nurse take good care of the students' medical needs. Routine health check-ups including dental and eye check-ups are mandatory for the students of all classes.


Emergency Drills are practised regularly.


The school has a tie up with Manipal Hospital for all emergencies.