Message From The Director

Message From The Director

Dear Parents, Teachers and Students of Dharav High School,


Welcome to the very first session of Dharav, as we embark on a new journey in pursuit of knowledge, happiness and contentment.

It is my privilege as Director of the school, to formally welcome you to the session, to the school and to new learning. I am very sure, that with the Principal Ms. Seema Sehajpal, and the dedicated, committed staff of Dharav and of course, with the support of wonderful parents like you, we are going to go places.

Setting up a new school is almost like setting up a new home or bringing up a new born baby. There are so many things to look into, the infrastructure, the curriculum, the vision, the mission, how to engage parents more in the school, what best practices can we share with our children so that their learning is more complete. Trust me parents, we are looking into all these new dimensions for our new school.

With Ms. Seema Sehajpal as the head of the school, I have no doubt that the best practices in education will be brought to this school and will benefit your children.

The cornerstone of any institution- academic or otherwise is trust, and I'm very grateful to you for your trust, which you have reposed in Dharav, knowing that the team remains the same. With visionaries like Mr. and Mrs. Jaipuria and the dynamic young chairperson, Ms. Devyani Jaipuria, it is almost certain that this school will make its mark in the academic landscape of Jaipur.

Dear parents and students, your trust and cooperation will help the teachers chart new paths and find new ways of teaching and learning which will benefit all the stakeholders. I look forward to an exciting new session with all of you.


God bless you all! Stay safe.


Aditi Misra